September 29th, 2011 | Album reviews

(Out now on Brainfeeder)

Outmind opens with a crackly announcement, sampled from a dublab broastcast: “You are looking down on the city scene, shrouded in heavy smog.” This is Los Angeles—“Los Angeles is Beautiful”—and these are the sounds hidden under the cloak of the city’s smog. The Leaving Records co-founder listens differently than most people, latching onto sounds most don’t even hear, much less get inspired by. Matthewdavid magnifies these beautiful, fleeting moments lost in the shuffle of city life, capturing the whipping of the wind and the rustling of reeds in his field recordings. With Outmind, he explores how these found sounds and more familiar beats can work together, producing music that exists in a realm in between, oscillating between ambience and rhythm, structure and space. Texture-heavy west coast hip-hop runs deep (“International feat. Dogbite”). Delicate and gauzy ambience (“Group Tea feat. Flying Lotus”) flows into heady dubstep-leaning beats (“Like You Mean It”). His shape-shifting soundscapes represent the heterogeneity of Los Angeles perhaps better than any other producer in the Low End/dublab/Brainfeeder circles.

–Lainna Fader