March 30th, 2011 | Album reviews

simon tran

K-Holes “Creatures of War”


(from the self-titled LP out now on HoZac)

The K-Holes are witches in punk clothing that bring strangled messages forgotten long ago by modern society. By combining the most primal, relentless forces of nature with a relatively palatable (or at least familiar) punk/goth façade, the K-Holes have created the scariest new music I’ve heard in a long time. Sometimes they sound like Christian Death—with Jay Reatard instead of Roz on vocals—or the Lost Sounds with Siouxsie Sioux instead of Alicia Trout; they’ve got a saxophone that sounds like a nightmare velociraptor, and drums that hack away at the foundation of civilization. But really no amount of comparisons can explain the K-Holes, because this band emanates something much more powerful than the sum of its parts. This is music that inspires the behavior of heathens: topless dancing, violent sacrifice, Bacchanalian orgies, and New Year’s cleansings. The K-Holes are Santero Punk, and like the Cuban slaves (Santeros) who outwardly worshipped saints syncretized to their West African gods to avoid imposed conversion to Catholicism, the K-Holes have created outwardly praise worthy goth/punk tunes that pay homage to forces far more powerful than even rock-n-roll. Like a Santeria service, this album may leave you mounted by a spirit that compels you to act like you normally wouldn’t.
—Vanessa Gonzalez