December 30th, 2010 | Album reviews

Aurora Armijo

Luna is Honey “Claws”
(From Copy Cats out now on Model City Music)

Copy Cats has an early ’80s Duran Duran/Adam Ant sound. The album itself is lo-fi, but mixed well enough that you can hear everything and jam out to the Chorus Pedal’d guitars and vocals. The vocals are surprisingly well-delivered, with the kind of youthful arrogance that simultaneously creates envy and annoyance. The keyboards by Elijah Crampton of are definitely a welcome addition—everyone’s a sucker for something besides just drum, bass and guitar, right? When I got this for review, I had to get it in person just for the artwork. The lyrics booklet, which sets a nice standard for quality black-and-white hand drawn pictures and lyrics, would be a good enough reason to buy this CD. So would the track “Claws,” ripped right off a New Order singles collection, but with chiller vocals. The fifth track on this six-song EP is a Prince cover, “I Would Die 4 U,” which is sort of like me putting ’84, 30-spoke rims on my Nissan Altima. I don’t know if I could bolt them on, but if I did, they would be the coolest thing about my car. That’s sort of where this cover is on this album. But I’m glad Luna is Honey has their guns drawn. If it were an equation, this album would be: (New Wave) x 3 + KROQ.

—Richard Seymour