YUK. – A D W A

November 12th, 2010 | Album reviews

lisa strouss

yuk. “adept-ation for Dev”
(From A D W A out now on Leaving Records)

yuk.’s new tape, A D W A, is an incredibly beautiful ambient electronic album that sends you straight to a THC-infused dreamland in the woods. “adwatxchr” begins the vision quest by inviting you to give yourself to the late-night lo-fi haziness of the wilderness. “emilia reflection” lures you into the ethereal soundscape while the earth melts away entirely. The exploration of gorgeous melodies and soft beats continues with “adept-ation for Dev,” while “greenflash (ritual)” introduces tribal rhythms and mysterious vocals. “ofwildermesstheme” hints at the spirituality revealed in the angelic harmonies of “iris dahlia” before floating into “reachinghigher.” Teebs makes an appearance on “onlywhenshesmiles,” which cuts through the fog with a wider range of beats piled on to make a heavier sound collage before slowing to a close with “shining.” yuk. clearly knows the recipe for gorgeous sounds, making this quite an impressive debut.

—Lainna Fader