Spacemen 3, Velvet Underground—and have came up with very close to the same result." /> L.A. Record


August 23rd, 2009 | Album reviews

Stream: Electric Children “Judgment Day”


(from the We Are… EP available now from Electric Children)

Electric Children are a band from the Los Angeles area that—prior to hearing this EP—I had never heard of. Upon first spin, I was surprised to hear that this was not a band of Hendrix- or Bolan-obsessed youths but rather another band trying to bridge the gap between ‘60s psychedelia and ‘90s shoegaze—a gap bridged much too often in Los Angeles in the past ten years. Despite great musicianship and production, each of the songs on this four-track EP feels like a carbon copy of groups like the Raveonettes, Spiritualized or the Warlocks—bands who brought this combination of genres into the mainstream in the early 2000s. The band features dueling male and female vocals very reminiscent of the Raveonettes. In the first song, “Scene of the Crime,” the vocals seem to consist only of repeating the title of the song over and over in as shrill a voice as possible and—despite a catchy guitar riff and some distorted leads—the song becomes quite monotonous. The third track, “Judgment Day,” starts with a Davie Allan & and the Arrows-esque guitar intro that’s cut a bit short as the song jumps into the most overtly Raveonettes inspired track. While it’s arguable whether the band is truly trying to emulate the Raveonettes or if they just sounded similar out of coincidence, it’s clear that they have many of the same influences as the aforementioned band—Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, Velvet Underground—and have came up with very close to the same result.

—Daniel Clodfelter