July 14th, 2009 | Album reviews

Stream: The Spires “TAM”


(from A Way Of Seeing out now on Beehouse)

The Spires have crafted a perfectly delicious, evenly keeled forty-plus minutes of pure bliss. The way they “see it” is through a beautiful sun-kissed haze. This record will make you want to hold hands, tip your hat to strangers, and leisurely pedal around your block a couple of times before going home for the evening. The Ventura-based duo (Jason and Colleen) turned trio with the addition of bassist Catelyn, and that clearly allows their melancholic energy to burn even more brightly. The album’s true gem “TAM” lifts off into a glorious anthem fit for any summertime mix—maybe tucked between Black Tambourine and some early Chills. “Lowercase” sparkles with handclap percussion over a dark bass line and “Everything at Once” showcases the band’s consistent command of pop sensibilities, while still remaining true to a wryly upbeat persona. The eight-minute closer—“All You People,” ends the album with a gentle nudge toward social responsibility: “You will surely be the tallest of the tall, if you take pity on the smallest of the small.” Let’s be honest—there’s enough sunshine on this album to dish out to the whole world but the Spires make you feel like they carefully composed every one of these songs especially for you. And they did.

—Camella Lobo