July 12th, 2009 | Album reviews

Stream: Static Static “Psychic Eyes”


(from Psychic Eyes out now on Tic Tac Totally)

Static Static’s debut LP is a perfect example of a great heavily-distorted party record. Static Static play a new style of heavy-on-the-distortion new wave that has been coined by one of their Midwest buddies as “Glue Wave,” along with buddies like Chicago’s White Savage and France’s Volt. (All of which, including Static Static, have released records on Chicago based vinyl label Hozac, whose founder coined the term.) What this term specifically means, I have no clue, but the resemblance to a gooey style of new wave seems apt. The band, lead by the six-foot plus John Henry and backed by Miss Mass Destruction on keyboard and Lesley (ex-Red Aunts) on drums, create an intimidating yet dynamic new sound that is as danceable as it is heavy. Each track on this album is catchy and intense, and John Henry’s vocals are as sharp and vicious as ever. Some of the stand out tracks are the opener “Frantic,” which has John Henry making every syllable sound more explosive than the last, and “Psychic Eyes” which tell us to “Forget our heroes” and comes off like a demented attack on the Stranglers 1977 hit. I cannot emphasize how much distorted feedback and organ growling is on this album—there is no reason not to check this band out.

—Daniel Clodfelter