Longmont Potion Castle is asserting his place in the American cultural landscape!" /> L.A. Record


July 2nd, 2009 | Album reviews

kelly floyd

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(from 7 out now on DU)

I think it’s safe to assume now that any time the voice behind Longmont Potion Castle says he’s going into retirement, we don’t have to run home crying and clutching our Longbox Option Packages. As much as he says he wants to put the name to end, he must find something irresistible in ridiculous phone calls and the people that answer them. This time, the respondents are a mixed bag of old and new victims. George, the angry bar owner from Volume 6, opens up the album with a call that singlehandedly outdoes all of their previous conversations: LPC plays Remington, an agent from CitySearch.com, out to reverse the negative comments George’s bar has received for a mere $1,300. Like Volume 6, LPC cultivates long-term relationships with his respondents on many of these tracks—sometimes these tracks are as long as 13 minutes! This album also marks a couple of firsts: after around three minutes of arguing with “Two Tickets to Paradise” singer Eddie Money (he also calls Alex Trebek and Weird Al guitarist Rick Derringer, by the way) over $1,400 worth of gravel, the confused celebrity hands the phone to his assistant and goes to practice his saxophone, totally derailing the phone call and causing Longmont Potion Castle to almost lose his self control—a rare first. Secondly, the Longmont reputation has finally preceded itself: a respondent working at a record store hears LPC’s delay pedal antics and instantly recognizes it, one-upping the call by throwing back an LPC reference. I guess it had to happen sometime? Another sign that Longmont Potion Castle is asserting his place in the American cultural landscape!

—Kevin Ferguson