June 3rd, 2009 | Album reviews

Download: The Faraway Places “The Sun Goes West”


(from Out Of The Rain, The Thunder and Lightning out now on Save It)

The Faraway Places sound like California. Their fuzz-laden psychedelic-leaning brand of power pop immediately brings you to a place where skiing in the morning, doing peyote in the desert in the afternoon, and getting drunk on the beach at night is not just reality but a way of life. Sophomore release Out Of The Rain, the Thunder and the Lightning begins with a pleasant interlude before launching into “The Sun Goes West,” by far my favorite track on the record. It’s a guitar-driven number reminiscent of ‘60s bubblegum pop. Out Of The Rain plays like a sonic incubator, with each track hatching into its own happy little something-or-other. The eclectic nature of the record is tied together with guitars, fabulous harmonies, and some of the best pop lyrics I’ve heard in ages. Stand out tracks include “Keep It Alive,” which sounds like a song Courtney Taylor-Taylor of the Dandy Warhols wishes he wrote and “Run While True” is a synth-laden ballad that is sure to be on your next mixtape. It’s joyous listening start to finish.

—Ashley Jax