May 31st, 2009 | Album reviews

Stream: The Amazements “Time Anus”


(from Sticky Rubies out now on Peter’s Pool Boys)

This album is abrasive and full of noisy incongruent riffs and phrases, and though it is definitely not for everyone, there are moments where it seems true genius is lurking behind the hiss and noise. Mixing elements of garage and noise rock with hip-hop, grunts, growls, and even free jazz, Sticky Rubies is a unique and seemingly un-self-conscious addition to the recent wave of lo-fi underground albums to surface in the last few years. There are moments that bring to mind some of my favorite “Go fuck yourself!” indulgences of Royal Trux and Pussy Galore. These dudes definitely love Neil Haggerty, as they take elements from the early careless noise of Pussy Galore all the way to his flirtation with rap near the end of Royal Trux. The James Brown cover—“Get It Together”—is as far removed from James Brown as it possibly could be while still carrying some of Brown’s funky elements, though drowned under dollops of noise. While songs like “Time Anus” and “Head on a Stick” are repetitive to the point of monotony—with tin-can recording that makes the pain so much more intense!—others like “Tutti Fruit” and “Show Money” are pleasant noisy surprises, which gives the album an overall feel of accomplishment. This is a band I definitely need to catch live—if they’re anything like this album, I’ll be in for a treat.

—Daniel Clodfelter