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NUMB.ER: WHATEVER “IT” IS’s 2018 release Goodbye was to me a farewell to the musical trends that make a local scene feel uninspiring: led by Jeff Fribourg, a founding member of popular psych-‘gaze’ band Froth [and sometime L.A. RECORD contributor—ed.],’s blend of punk, darkwave, and goth felt like it was written specifically for me. performs with Palm and Harmony Tividad on Thurs., Aug. 16, at the Roxy. This interview by Bennett Kogon. By

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Transcending its time and place in the sunny Los Angeles of 2018, Goodbye is a literal farewell to musical trends that can often make a local scene feel uninspiring. It’s not my intention to sound cynical: the fearless gloominess and unfiltered personality of this record speaks for itself. By



Moaning might look familiar to you. Over the past ten years, musicians Sean Solomon, Pascal Stevenson, and Andrew MacKelvie have been active members of the local music and arts community built around DIY venues like the Smell and Pehrspace. Playing in such illustrious local bands as Moses Campbell, Heller Keller, and Shit Giver, the three eventually (re)combined their years of experience in the Los Angeles scene by forming the post-punk project Moaning. Demonstrating yet again that great art can indeed rise from the underground, Moaning’s self-titled debut was released last week on the legendary Sub Pop Records. Portions of this interview originally aired on KXLU. Moaning’s record release show is Fri., Mar. 9, at the Echo with Froth and Numb.Er. This interview by Bennett Kogon. By


SINGLE PREMIERE: NUMB.ER “FEAR” + “MODERN RELATIONS” is the longtime project of Jeff Fribourg, accomplished photographer—as well as L.A. RECORD contributor—and one-time Omnichord player in Froth. If you don't know what an Omnichord is, well ... it's a special little species of synthesizer that sounds futuristic and primitive at the same time, which makes it a natural part of the sound. You may have heard the smoldering "Fear" on Mono Records' Life comp, and if not you should hear it right now. B-side "Modern Relations" is with a more ferocious tempo, a dizzying but desolate post-punk song that lends the sound of 1979 U.K. a little of 1982 L.A.'s death-rock grit and energy. starts their West Coast tour this Fri., Jan. 19, with Cold Showers at the Echoget tickets here! Full tour dates below. By



Flat Worms—Will Ivy, Justin Sullivan, Tim Hellman—are a substantial force to counteract the dark leaden days we now confront. With the roar of an avalanche, the crushing power of a tidal wave, the sharp glacial crack at the edge of a continental shelf, this trio invokes a colossal sound on their Castle Face debut. It’s a call to arms, an embrace of the kind of conflict that produces change within and without. If punk was ever dead, Flat Worms have revived it. The need for art and music today is greater than ever, and the blueprint is in the form of this here band: Flat Worms. They perform on Fri., Jan. 12, with Sextile and Warm Drag at the Hi Hat. This interview by Nathan Martel. By