July 28th, 2008 |

Beachwood Sparks have come to represent a certain part of California–they are the music of the trees, the hills, the valleys, the canyons and the streams that were all part of this great state before any of us were here. Embodying all that we know now as canyon music, their light, ethereal and sometimes morose psychedelic California-country rock picks up where the Notorious Byrd Brothers left off, and is crafted to convey an appreciation for all that natural beauty cast away from our urban enclaves. Staged outside the Henry Miller Memorial Library amongst the towering Redwood and Sequoia of the Northern Coast, and surrounded by those willing and able to make the drive, the ensemble played a set so perfectly suited to the evening that they have no doubt cemented their name as the best California band of the last ten years. Their sound is as timeless as the trees, and their vision as clear as rain.  They are the only band that can start off a set by saying, “We’re Beachwood Sparks, and we play the best country music you’ve ever heard.”

– Miles Michaud