July 12th, 2013 | Staff Blog

When Marieta Rabieta handed me her record, L.A.ROSA, she warned that it was a little different from what I had just witnessed live. Things were a little cleaner on the record, but when this band gets on a stage, in her words, they can’t help but get a bit “punk”. That’s an understatement. This band cannot be contained.

Watch the video for “No Hay Mas”. The music hints at weirdness but behaves itself. It’s playful, unusual, but not trouble. Don’t be fooled. Look closer, you can see it in their eyes—they’ve got crazy eyes. Pablo Pómez’s voice is like Froggy from Little Rascals grown up on acid. Given the opportunity, this band will erupt all over you like a piñata that explodes, refills itself, and explodes over and over again. It’s very fun to watch. Remember, music is for fun. It’s for animals. It’s for rolling on the floor.

“No Hay Mas” is the first video from L.A.ROSA, recorded in Madrid and Mexico City, and published on their own label POMEZ RECORDS, in L.A., 2012. Lineas Albies comes from Spain but spends its time lately between Mexico City and Los Angeles, getting sweaty, reckless, and completely wild.

Daiana Feuer