January 21st, 2012 | Staff Blog

Did you love seeing Dinosaur Jr. play Bug live in 2011? Or maybe you missed it, and now you’re kicking yourself–literally? Maybe you’re doing crazed yoga moves while wearing metal cleats so that you can really pound the spiky soles directly into your own eye sockets again and again, each time hoping that this bloodied kick might be the one to flood your body with enough pain to extinguish the burning RAGE you feel at yourself for missing the ultimate live experience of your lifetime?

Well, save whatever eyes you have left, because one month from now, you’ll need those peepers to enjoy the live Bug experience, comin’ at ya in both DVD and BluRay formats February 21 and entitled In the Hands of the Fans. Why the name? Well, the six cinematographer types behind the camera were all rabid Dino J fans who won a fucking contest (awwww!) granting them the privilege of  filming Bug, performed live by the original Dinosaur Jr. trio.

Mike Watt, Henry Rollins, Keith Morris, and of course Murph, Lou, and J. Mascis all make appearances, and I just bet there are cameos of their children doing something cute before the show (“Dinosaur Jr. Juniors!” as Allison Anders calls them). If all that, plus the excitement of seeing Dinosaur Jr. reformed, rehearsed, and rapacious isn’t enough to sell you on the project, get this: all the footage was directed and patched together by none other than Dave Markey, director of such amazing films as The Year Punk Broke, The Reinactors, and my perennial favorite, Rap Damage (In Seearch of the Hip Hop Rabbit). If any man knows how to make cinematic magic out of guitars feeding back, it’s Markey, who also does a little interviewing: check out the back of his head in this here trailer!

So, get enthused! And look here very soon for information on how to buy your copy.

-Dan Collins

P.S. Though I’m looking forward to seeing this footage from a venue in D.C. (I’ve heard the set there was one of the best all tour), when will bands start to shoot more live concert footage in one of L.A.’s many beautiful historic venues, e.g. the Palace, the Orpheum, or the Wiltern? Do these buildings have greedy lawyers or something? I love seeing my favorite bands on film, but I would enjoy it even more lit by the romantic flicker of a familiar Art Deco sconce. Sigh…