March 14th, 2011 | Staff Blog

We haven’t even made it to Austin yet, but I think I’ve already found my favorite band of SXSW: Feeding People, the hard-driving doom-y psych band fronted by Nick Rachman on geetar and Jessie Carrillo on lead female vocals.  With her curls and evil delivery, Carrillo came across like a sinister Edie Brickell, who might have crawled out of a mirror in one of those Grudge-type horror movies—or maybe she sounds like Amanda Brown when she was fronting Knit Witch, I haven’t decided.

We watched them at the Burger Records showcase at the Red Room in Tucson (where the bartender let me name his new Connemara-based cocktail—“A Wrinkle in Time”), then somehow missed the memo that the rest of the bands had moved next door to the Vaudeville.  There, we saw the tail end of Apache’s manly biker-thug rockstravaganza, and all of Mean Jeans’ non-stop bombast.  But of course “headliners” Audacity more or less stole the show, with their high-gear tunes and general skate-nerd OC aggressiveness.  They closed out the set at 1:58 a.m. with a driving cover of the Dicks (by way of Mudhoney), “Hate the Police.”  If I can make it all the way to Austin without getting busted for my expired registration, I won’t be able to follow those instructions.

Dan Collins