January 4th, 2011 | Staff Blog

Jandek, the representative of Corwood Industries, is performing in the Southern California megaregion (population 28.5 million) for the first time since he started releasing sociopathic music some 32 long and scary years ago. Despite his record-store culture, outsider-musician cult status, he has rarely played shows, choosing to communicate with the world through his infamous Corwood Industries PO Box and over 60 self-released albums. The show is set to take place at the University of California in the City of Irvine, a centrally planned community designed by the Irvine Company and its Republican chairman Donald Bren, the wealthiest real estate mogul in the United States with an estimated net worth of over $12 billion. Irvine is an incredibly conservative and boring place. We heart Jandek and his paranoid schizophrenic ramblings, but why isn’t he playing in Echo Park like everyone else cool who comes to SoCal? Is the representative of Corwood Industries coming to do a higher-plane satanic business deal with the Irvine Company, performing at the Orange County secret society Schwarzenegger dinner? Probably. Perhaps Irvine is a fitting hyper-desolate world for his alienated death worship blues, a calculated aesthetic choice. But we also owe thanks to the efforts of a group of young radicals from the campus of UC Irvine who go by the name Acrobatics Everyday. For the past few years these students have turned UC Irvine into a livable (at least a couple nights a month) place, producing shows of touring bands that rival the (late) Echo Curio and Pehrspace in their pure post-Kantian raw coolness, indeed, dubbed by the LA Times as “the Smell of the OC”. They simply wrote Jandek and he agreed to play. Jandek will be performing his set with Mike Watt on bass, which may be a good thing, but may not be, as he often jams too fast and loud when collaborating on stage, as one anonymous hipster music guru put it. Anyway, come witness this rare occult event. Explore your megaregion!  Good and evil.

Jandek with Mike Watt (on bass) and BJ Miller of Health (on drums) Saturday, January 8th, 2011, at Crystal Cove Auditorium, 7:30pm, $20.

Luke Mcgowen