May 19th, 2008 | Radio

Dan Monick


Purple – Project Pat
Cheese and Dope – Project Pat
If You Ain’t From my Hood – Project Pat
Bow E3 – Wiley
Gangsters – Wiley
Trading Places – K-the-I??? featuring NoCanDo
Get ‘Em Girls – Cam’Ron
Intro – Jim jones
Ghetto Music/What You Know About That – OutKast/T.I.
System of a Down Ass Nickel – LabWaste
Lick Dem Muthaphuckas – Brand Nubians
Light Sleeper – Saafir
2 in 1 – LabWaste

1. Where are you from?
I was born in Minneapolis, moved to Richmond, California when I was a month old, went back to Minneapolis at 7, then got kicked out and sent to L.A. at 16 years of age.

2. Where do you live now?
The city of Angels, and the Lakers (who ironically came from Minnesota…go figure)

3. Are you digital or vinyl?
Digital baby. Vinyl sounds amazing, but when packing for a gig files take up a lot less space than 12″s…

4. What mixer are you using?
Ableton Live’s internal mixer and occasionally a Yahama MG8/2FX.

5. What needles are you using?
I avoid needles at all costs.

6. What are your turntables of choice?
The kind that can play binary numbers.

7. First time you ever DJed?
I forget where it was, but it was me and Gino (Giovanni Marks) taking turns DJing at some club several years back, and my highlight was blending Egyptian Lover with Fast Forward… We were shocked at the idea and the fact that I pulled it off…haha!

8. Weirdest DJ gig?
I dj’d (can I write it like that?) at this little ass bar in Santa Monica that a buddy of mine did a weekly at and I was spinning vinyl (which i don’t normally do) of all this old hip-hop stuff that I got from Amoeba (I worked there at the time), and I was playing shit like YZ “Return of the Holy One” and other obscure anti-whitey type stuff (just based on the era…80’s and early 90’s more militant stuff… c’mon, some of my best friends are white), and the little crowd of people were really into it. These Westside ladies in their 30’s with their work clothes on (but their blouses were loosened) and semi-drunk were dancing to my trainwreck mix of “Welcome to the Terrordome” and “Jacking for Beats.” Weird and awesome at the same time.

9. What are you playing in your set right now?
It depends on the type of crowd it’s for, but I’m partial to really ghetto stuff, mainly from Memphis (Project Pat is the truth and the way), grime (Wiley is truly the Godfather) and whatever self-promotion I can sneak in (LabWaste, K-The-I???, NiggyTardust, Buy Busdriver’s new single “Ellen Disingenuous”, send money orders directly to…)

10. What are you listening to in your car?
I was still bumping MIA’s KALA cd, but last time I got my car washed they apparently rubbed it against the carpet in a manner so malicious and deliberate that it has been reduced to a skipping coaster. Now, if I’m not listening to stuff I’m working on, I listen to the radio and practice being patient.

11. Last record you bought and where?
“Survivalism” 9″ single by NIN at Virgin Megastore (Amoeba didn’t have it for some reason).

12. Best record you scored for $1?
Original copy of Ya Mama 12″ by the Pharcyde…it was barely warped (like hardly at all), so it reduced the value from $30 to .99! Goonies!

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