May 24th, 2019 | Photos

IDLES @ The Fonda Theatre

Photos by Debi Del Grande

If you missed the insane show at The Fonda Theatre the other night, don’t fret because the fine Englishmen that call themselves IDLES will be back in October to play an even bigger venue – The Wiltern with our local favorite Surfbort.

From the second the quintet stepped on stage, the entire floor erupted into a mad frenzy–a damn fun one.

Although IDLES deliver some wild shows, they aren’t a band that is angry and screaming all the time. Sure, they have something to sing about, but they have so much fun on stage and the message is clearly positive, which extends into the crowd. Lead vocalist Joe Talbot ensured females in the crowd had their own time in the circle. It was a proper circle as everyone had a good time and looked out for each other.

A stage invader was taken outside after he wouldn’t get off and Talbot appeared to feel bad and asked that he come back “He was just having fun.” Btw, The stage invader did make it back into the venue. Lead guitarist Mark Bowen and always-sleeping-in-the-van Lee Kiernan on rhythm guitar love to get into the crowd whether surfing or playing on the floor. Holding it down while maybe not in our faces is drummer Jon Beavis and bassist and bassist Adam Devonshire (who has some fun diaries on IDLES’ twitter).

It may have taken almost 10 years for IDLES to get the exposure they needed, but their 2018 album Joy as an Act of Resistance and their live shows has catapulted them into our radar. They just won UK’s Ivor Novello award for best album. See you in October.

On-the-rise Irish band Fontaines D.C. opened. This is another band that will be headlining soon.

Setlist via

Never Fight a Man With a Perm
Faith in the City
Divide and Conquer
1049 Gotho
Love Song
Date Night
I’m Scum
Danny Nedelko
All I Want for Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey cover)
Where’s My Ice Cream
Well Done
Cry to Me (Solomon Burke cover)