March 5th, 2019 | Photos

Reignwolf @ Moroccan Lounge

Photos by Debi Del Grande

Going to a concert can be a transcending, out-of-body experience–even without drugs. While there are bands that go through the motions and play their songs as we watch and listen, something can be missing and we don’t connect or feel. Then there are bands like Reignwolf that come along with unbridled passion for their craft and we get it. Our souls come alive.

Jordan Cook has been long overdue for a debut album with his band Reignwolf and the time has finally come. Hear Me Out just dropped and the band was back to play the Moroccan Lounge for an intimate show.

The small room was packed as soon as doors opened to welcome one of LA’s hardworking bands Holy Wars. Kat Leon and company played new song “Legend” as she sang songs about death, which primed us for the main feast.

As Cook, drummer Joseph Braley and bassist Stacey-James Kardash took the stage, it was dark for a few minutes as Cook tinkered, making sure it would sound just so. Lights then blasted from the stage almost blinding us as the haze swirled. We were immediately sucked in to the synergy surging around the room. Cook’s bluesy rock throaty sound with his signature snarl pairs well with his insane guitar playing. Fans already knew new songs like the already favorite “Over and Over.” “Wanna Don’t Wanna” was a jolt of fire. Cook mentioned they hadn’t played “Son of a Gun” since the last time they were here, but they played it again and it was sexy and smooth. “Satisfied” we were not as the set was short, but just enough for everyone to rush to the merch booth afterwards. If you are heading to SXSW, do not miss Reignwolf.