March 2nd, 2019 | Photos

Photos by Maximilian Ho

Multi-talented electronic musician Robert DeLong wrapped up his first tour of the year back home at the Teragram Ballroom. The boundlessly energetic DeLong wore many hats throughout the set, playing keyboards, percussion, guitar, laser harp, and operating a variety of game controllers. Recently, DeLong made a change to his one-man-band setup and was accompanied by drummer Adam Phelps and bassist Liv Slingerland. Delong invited tour opener Morgxn onstage during “Happy” for vocals and drinks. K.Flay also made a guest appearance during “Favorite Color Is Blue” a song she’s featured on from last year’s EP See You In The Future. Delong wrapped up the set with the melancholic “Where We’re Going.”

Morgxn shared a few tunes including “alone/forever” and invited The Naked and Famous vocalist Alisa Xayalith to sing along.