October 30th, 2018 | Photos

Thee Oh Sees @ One Eye Jacks, New Orleans

Photos by Debi Del Grande

One Eyed Jacks you say? This is not a new venue in one of the trendy neighborhoods or DIY spot in DTLA. Nope. This venue is in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the country – New Orleans. Thee Oh Sees and Prettiest Eyes played the start of their mini tour there and it was glorious.

This tiny club was slam packed with all sorts of patrons who seemed in awe of the energy coming from the stage. So much so, that slamming and sweating ensued immediately (as par for the course) and everyone got to know each other really well. Joining John Dwyer and Co. is Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel organ meister Tomas Dolas.

Prettiest Eyes preceded with a solid set and definitely made some new fans who never heard of the storm that is Pachy, Paco and Marcos.

Thee Oh Sees and Prettiest Eyes will be coming back home on Halloween at The Teragram Ballroom.