October 3rd, 2018 | Photos

Photos by Maximilian Ho

Electro rock/pop duo JYNX played a private show at The Roxy in celebration of the new mural painted on the side of the iconic venue and the new design on the facade. The mural was created in collaboration with artist Kii Arens (known for his boldly colorful gig posters of A-list music artists), We Are Hear (Linda Perry’s label), and street artist Shepard Fairey.

The mime artist was a harbinger for things to come, as moments later the musical duo comprised of Arens, and actress Harlow Black (featured on television shows such as Westworld and American Horror Story) entered the stage donned in white jumpsuits. The duo performed songs like “Swipe & Go” which levies a satirical swipe at online dating, causing more than a few chuckles in the crowd. The comedy continued on with the ballad “It Could Be Right” featuring internet meme Sergio Flores AKA “Sexy Sax Man” playing saxophone as Arens and Black sang their overly-romantic duet. Arens invited another special guest lead guitarist Conrado Pesinato for “Brainwash Your Mind” where he dished out heavy riffs and licks.

The night was punctuated by the debut of JYNX’s new music video for “I Keep The Lights On.”

Composer Ernesto Guerrero AKA Ego Plum warmed up the early crowd.