August 2nd, 2018 | Photos

Photos by Eduardo Luis

That’s right. The Growlers played The Echo last night. Diehards lined up at 3 pm after tickets were acquired with speedy fingers for the gig. This is a venue that they have not played in about eight years. Some might recall the in-the-round show downstairs at The Echoplex a few years back. Doors opened at 10 and The Growlers took the stage at 11. Brooks Nielsen started off by announcing “This is a benefit show for the people who can’t afford to go to Beach Goth.” The Growlers played an energetic 19 song set, with 3 encores. New tunes from Casual Acquaintances and old timey favorites were heard–“Big Toe, “Someday”, “City Club”, “Naked Kid” and more. This was just a warm up set for The Growlers, preparing themselves for their annual “Beach Goth” festival, which takes place this Sunday August 5th in its new home, the L.A State Historic Park.

1. Big Toe
2. Naked Kids
3. Dope On a rope
4. Night Ride
5. Acid Rain
6. Someday
7. Heaven in Hell
8. Orgasm of Death
9. Problem III
10. Pavement and the Boot
11. Vacant Lot
12. City Club
13. Chinese Fountain
14. When You Were Made
15. Feeling Good
16. Empty Bones
17. Sea Lion Goth
18. Humdrum Blues
19. I’ll Be Around
20. Tijuana
21. Gay Thoughts
22. going Gets Tuff