Hovvdy has impeccable rhythm; they move like a wave, back and forth." /> L.A. Record


May 14th, 2018 | Photos

Photos by Lucy Blumenfield

Maybe it’s because they were formed by two drummers-Will Taylor and Charlie Martin-because Austin-based duo Hovvdy has impeccable rhythm; they move like a wave, back and forth. Supporting their sophomore album Cranberry, Hovvdy is one of those bands where emotions seem to flow right through the music. They were captivating throughout their set.

Lomelda’s had a kind of quiet power that could be felt through her soft vocals, looped beats, and guitar riffs-even the laughter in the background of the venue. Midway through the set, she recounted how someone had showed her a recording of Mary Oliver and, with encouragement from the audience, she recited the poem that helped her get through long drives by herself on tour.

Tyler Broderick and project, Diners, started the show with a projected movie put together with clips taken in 2017. After attempting (and failing) to put a thin yellow rain jacket on while jumping across the stage, Broderick read the winners of the “raffle” so that the bassist and drummer could finish the set alongside. Playing songs like “Fifteen on a Skateboard,” the set was at once wacky and feel good.