May 10th, 2018 | Photos

IAMX @ The Fonda Theatre

Photos by Debi Del Grande

Alive In New Light is the name of IAMX‘s new album and, indeed. Chris Corner is definitely alive and he owned the light at the Fonda Theatre last night. The IAMX standard show is very dark and sensual and it still was, yet with some enticing light movements that Corner was in much control over. Holding reflective squares, he bounced light beams away from himself like a warrior holding off his enemy. Not that the light is Corner’s enemy. He lives and breathes love and that’s his message. As diehard fans shouted “I Love You!,” his reply was “I love you too-keep saying it.”

The venue was packed for the final show of the tour and we were more than ready to hear Corner’s unbelievable vocals as he moved across the stage flanked by two provoking female musicians wearing blonde-bobbed wigs that would later come off. Behind them pounding on the skins was Jon Siren.

Kat Von D sings with Corner on Alive In New Light and sang three songs during the set, including “The Power and The Glory” on the second of three encores. As the first encore began, we got our (as Corner described) lazy American asses going.

Alive in New Light
Break the Chain
I Come With Knives
Stalker (with Kat Von D)
Stardust (with Kat Von D)
North Star
No Maker Made Me
Spit It Out
The Alternative
Kiss + Swallow
Encore 2:
The Power and the Glory (with Kat Von D)
Encore 3:
Your Joy Is My Low