May 5th, 2018 | Photos

Photos by Maximilian Ho

Singer/songwriter Elisabeth Maurus AKA Lissie kicked off her show at The Teragram Ballroom with her heartfelt song “Blood & Muscle” off her latest album Castles. Lissie’s new material is a bit more poppy than her previous releases while maintaining her unvarnished authenticity that her fans love about her. She performed tunes including “Best Days” which had us dancing to its happy groove. We felt the pain of love that doesn’t work out on “Love Blows” and “Castles” lifted our spirits with its uplifting chorus. Towards the end of the show Lissie leaped onto the floor with us and we sang along with her to the outro to “Little Lovin’” off her debut album Catching a Tiger.

LA’s Van William warmed up the early crowd.