April 24th, 2018 | Photos

Photos by Maximilian Ho Recap by Zachary Castro

One of the last Localchella shows brought us to Pomona’s Glass House. Following the sudden silence of music and cutting of lights, The Drums took the stage as fans realized the show they came to hear was about to start. They broke into hysterics and the band began to play “What You Were” from 2011′ Portamento. Songs “Blood Under My Belt,” “Heart Basel” and “Mirror” were played from latest album Abysmal Thoughts.

In the midst of the show, frontman Jonathan Pierce stopped to give a little anecdote about the first time he had played in Pomona. “I remember the first time we were going to play [here], I was so nervous that I was having an anxiety attack and couldn’t feel my hands.” We giggled at Johnny’s misfortune. “Thanks to the encouragement of the crowd, I was able to play that show.”

The Drums have a firm grasp on their sound, mastering catchy riffs and a fast tempo while also conveying deep and meaningful lyrics. It can feel like an emotional rollercoaster at a Drums’ show. One minute you are grooving to happy songs, the next, down with the melancholy tunes about heartbreak and the struggle of love. And just when you thought you were Mr. or Miss sadface, happy tunes again and you know you will be okay. Near the end of the set, Pierce piped up again giving advice to all the different walks of life that made up the crowd. “Growing up, I’ve always felt weird, but I’ve learned to connect [with people] after all-that’s the only reason why we’re here.”

Hailing from Los Angeles and also on the Coachella lineup, The Marias preceded.