April 1st, 2018 | Live reviews

Starcrawler @ The Lodge Room

Photos by Debi Del Grande Words by Madison Desler

As soon as fuschia-haired, glitter-gloved Arrow de Wilde was thrown up on the Lodge Room stage last night, the packed crowd was in the palm of her hand. As the frontwoman of the young and carnivorous Starcrawler, she’s earned quite the rep for her shock-rock, in-your-face live presence. Decked out in a tightly-cinched corset that only emphasized her willowy frame, de Wilde belted out songs like “What I Want” and “Let Her Be” for the hometown crowd, with heavy doses of her escaped mental patient antics.

Starcrawler @ The Lodge Room

Playing an appealingly vintage mix of scuzzy glam, proto-metal, and classic punk, Starcrawler create an unholy racket that’s well beyond their years—something proven undeniable by the large number of 50+ year olds— ones who probably saw Black Sabbath on their first US tour—present in the audience.

While de Wilde rightfully gets a lot of the credit for their live sets’ electric energy, guitarist Henri Cash is working just as hard, running around like a maniac, hyping the crowd, and shredding the hell out of his guitar through a highlight reel of songs off their self-titled debut. As de Wilde runs around pulling her own hair and rubbing fake blood on her face through “I Love LA,” “Pussy Tower” and their breakout hit, “Ants,” Cash lays down ten-ton riffs, leaps five feet into the air, and lambasts the audience—at one point he called us all “too good for the room sacks of shit.”

Starcrawler @ The Lodge Room

At the end of the set, they closed with the swaggering “Chicken Woman.” Jumping down from the stage, de Wilde rammed through the crowd to the bar at the back of the room, climbing atop the counter as nervous bartenders scrambled to catch the nose-diving bottles. She furiously threw plastic cups around the room and ran out, leaving Cash riding atop the crowd’s shoulders as the final song rang out.

Uni accompanied their heavy, far-out sounds with everything from glitter to a flaming can of hairspray. The band consists of bassist Charlotte Kemp Muhl (formerly of GOASTT), guitarist/vocalist Nico Fuzz (Nicola Wincenc of Caverns) and guitarist David Strange.

Starting the night off was Easy, a local band of skate bros featuring Josh Landau of The Shrine who delivered some heavy doses of throwback cool. You can also catch them hell bent on getting doughnuts in Starcrawler’s video for “I Love LA” below.