March 24th, 2018 | Live reviews

BRONCHO @ The Echo

Photos by Debi Del Grande Words by Madison Desler

Oklahoma indie rockers BRONCHO hit the stage close to midnight, a late-night show for a sold-out, Friday night crowd. Since releasing their third album, Double Vanity, in 2016, the band has put in some serious road hours, refining a live set made up of the best cuts from their much-loved catalog. The band had just cruised up to the Echo from San Diego, playing two nights with Queens of the Stone Age.

From “Can’t Get Past The Lips,” a song off their first album of the same title, to their newest song, the dreamy 80s-tinged single “Get In My Car,” we were with the band the whole way, eating out of lovable oddball Ryan Lindsey’s hand. He was his usual self—oversized t-shirt with sleeves hanging down past his elbows, inter-song hiccupy scatting, and unceasing motion. The frontman bobs up and down like he’s hopped up on too much caffeine, regardless of the current tempo, raising his fist up like a prizefighter to throw emphasis on certain lines. Even the drinks support band Mozes and the Firstborn sent him couldn’t throw him off his game.

BRONCHO @ The Echo

The setlist was heavy on Double Vanity cuts, from “Señora Borealis” to “Speed Demon,” leaving the room awash in reverb—a sound that somehow manages have hard edges amongst a dream-like softness. Penny Pitchlynn’s chugging bass served as the driving foundation under it all, as overall-ed guitarist Ben King slammed around the stage while managing to keep his sunglasses perched on the end of his nose.

Earlier favorites like the mosh-starter “It’s On,” and the menacing “Taj Mahal” had everyone towards the front moving all over the place, sweetly slamming into each other, with smiles on many faces-the packed room reverberating with the energy coming off the stage. Their biggest hit, the infectious “Class Historian,” was saved for last, as we got into the “doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo” chorus.

After an extended, suspenseful absence, the band returned to the stage for a much-deserved encore, choosing the Double Vanity closer, “Wanna,” the refracted waves of romantic sound floating out into the night.

Mozes and the Firstborn @ The Echo

The show was opened by the talented VALEN, who had a unique set complete with am old timey tv box showing her parent’s wedding (no longer together). She sang Lionel Richie’s and Diana Ross’ part on “Endless Love.” Mom was there selling merch.

All the way from Antwerp came Mozes and the Firstborn, who brought their massive tunes and killer stage presence with many in the crowd singing along.