February 8th, 2018 | Photos

Photos by Eduardo Luis

For his first ever show in the city of Angels, Alex O’Connor, best known by his stage name Rex Orange County, was warmly welcomed by excited fans who gifted him with a handmade necklace, bracelet and cards. The line was wrapped around the corner of the El Rey Theatre for the first of two sold out evenings with the rising artist.

He wasn’t the only one that received some handmade gifts. With cool lyrics from this Little World album, Zack Villere stood alone in his crocs (that were much appreciated by the crowd) and did this thing before Rex Orange County took the stage.

The time had come. His first appearance in LA. On the heels of his second album release, Apricot Princess, the 19-year-old impressed us with his multi-instrumental skills along with a drummer and bass player. O’Connor can reach out to young ones in love and angst with his songwriting abilities-true to the heart and soul-so it was no surprise everyone was singing along with passion. O’Connor is also known for his guest spot on Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy. At one point during his set, O’Connor asked everyone to please put their phones down and have fun – just us – no one else. Everyone quickly obliged and began dancing and letting loose.

Although several balloons were supposed to drop from the ceiling on the last song, they refused to come down, thus ending the show. Pretty sure the balloons will drop tonight.