January 31st, 2018 | Photos

Photos by Maximilian Ho Words by Neelofer Lodhy

Los Angeles was in for a real treat as music lovers gradually packed into the El Rey throughout the evening in anticipation for The Radio Dept.

The Swedish group, known for their critically acclaimed debut 2003’s Lesser Matters-which has been rereleased on vinyl- returned to Los Angeles nearly a year after playing The Fonda as part of a small collection of U.S. dates.

Fans cheered, danced and swayed as we were treated to a literal jam-packed set that spanned over the group’s discography. Kicking things off with “I Don’t Like It Like This,” we became immersed into some of The Radio Dept.’s greatest assortment of upbeat, dream pop sounds.

Vocalist/guitarist Johan Duncanson and bassist Martin Carlberg were joined onstage by an additional guitarist who toggled between guitar and drums throughout the set. Touring member Daniel Tjäder provided the essential back beats and keys that fully encompass the all around dream-like vibe and sound that the Radio Dept. do so well in creating.

As they made their way through crowd favorites “I Wanted You to Feel the Same,” “Keen on Boys” and “Pulling Our Weight,” it was hard not to observe and appreciate just how solid of a performance the Radio Dept. delivered.

It is easy to listen while at a live show, but watching the way the four musicians played and watching them create this wave and aesthetic of music that is just so pleasing, made for a timeless, and unforgettable experience. Some credit may be due to the several bottles of Modelo being consumed in between songs, but we will give this one fully to the talented Swedes.

Goldensuns were a great addition to this killer lineup. The LA-based trio, comprised of three brothers, provided some awesome indie rock sounds as we awaited our headliner. With skilled, unique vocal talents, jammy percussions and rhythmic chord progressions, Goldensuns made it so enjoyable to pass the time, that it was hard to believe their set had appeared to end so quickly.

Tashaki Miyaki, another LA-based trio, promptly kicked off the musical festivities for the evening. The threesome played an intimate arrangement of dreamy tracks, including an awesome rendition of New Order’s “Age of Consent,” with Luke Paquin’s unique guitar technique. The room was filled with folk-like instrumentals accompanied by the soft vocals of Paige Stark and Sandi Rae Augusta Denton.