December 13th, 2017 | Photos

Photos and words by Stephanie Port

“That was fucking insane.”

“Most important show of 2017.”

These are just a few of the utterances heard as fans exited the Fonda Theatre last night after bearing witness to a rare and intimate solo performance by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. Fresh off a re-issue of his 2014 solo album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, LA was treated to the first in a trio of solo shows for Yorke, with Oakland’s Fox Theater up next and Houston’s Day for Night Festival to cap it off.

Rhythmic textures, thumping bass, and haunting vocals made up what felt like one long, stream-of-consciousness dream, wherein Yorke guided the attentive crowd through a continual loop of danceable, syncopated grooves and ethereal, amorphous atmosphere. With arms continually outstretched as if delivering a sermon, Yorke had his faithful congregation in a devoted trance, locked in to the ebb and flow of his mostly structureless yet incredibly infectious electronica like only he can.

Yorke was joined onstage by longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and audiovisual artist Tarik Barri. Barri’s geometric and psychedelic visuals were projected onto a large triptych screen behind the trio, adding an engaging visual layer to the already hypnosis-inducing sonics of the show.

The setlist featured a mix of material ranging across Yorke’s solo work as well as some new live and world debuts, including “I Am A Very Rude Person,” “Two Feet Off The Ground,” and “Saturdays.”

The Clock
A Brain in a Bottle
Impossible Knots
I Am a Very Rude Person (Live debut; world premiere)
Two Feet Off the Ground (Live debut)
Amok (Atoms for Peace song)
Not the News
Truth Ray
Pink Section
Nose Grows Some
Cymbal Rush
Saturdays (Live debut; world premiere)

Interference (First time since 2012)