Stars' first of three nights at the Hollywood Forever Masonic Lodge last night." /> L.A. Record


November 29th, 2017 | Photos

Photos by Carl Pocket

​”We would say something like ‘it is nice being here,’ but you can’t say that when you are in a cemetery.” Quite fitting words uttered by front man Torq Campbell during Stars’ first of three nights at the Hollywood Forever Masonic Lodge last night. Dripping with sweat, Campbell continued to joke about the setting through the evening’s almost two hour set which heavily featured songs off of There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light released back in October.

When not playing tracks off the current album, the classic songs tended to focus on California and death, which was also fitting for the night. From the single “No One is Lost” (where the main lyrics are ‘throw your hands up cause everybody’s gonna die”) to right before “Dead Hearts” – Campbell quipping, “Don’t cheat on your ghosts, they will always come back to haunt you.” The Amy Millan driven “California, I Love that Name” and “We Called it Love” (with an Echo Park reference) continued with the band’s memories from the Golden State.

While themes of death filled the night, the humor was never lost on the group. “This song’s for Porky Pig. Well, the guy that voiced Porky Pig. He was a popular guy based on the number of flowers on his grave,” Campbell explained to the packed crowd. And just before ending the set, Millan even threw in a Tinder joke on the 2003 classic “Elevator Love Song” and made a reminder to people that they may have heard them previewing this song back in 2002 when they played their first Los Angeles show at Spaceland.

Stars plays tonight and Thursday as well at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever.