November 16th, 2017 | Live reviews

Photos by Joey Tobin Words by Neelofer Lodhy

Citizen is no stranger to change when it comes to putting forth a new record. In fact, they’ve managed to maintain their roots so well that’s it’s been no detrimental feat for them to conquer different aspects of their musical selves.

Still, the band continues to emit an infectious bravado further enticing fans with As You Please, their third and most refined record. Known for their melodic, yet “soft grunge” sound, Citizen have truly mastered its craft and it is clearly palpable in the live show.

The floor of the Regent continued to pack in throughout the evening as fans anticipated Citizen’s return to Los Angeles. Opening with “Jet,” the first track on As You Please, the floor started to sway and push forward as adoring fans sang along closely with frontman Matt Kerekes.

The band played to a simple, white back drop that projected a series of colors complementing the mood of each song. At one point in the evening, Kerekes took the piano in which guitarist Ryland Oehlers teased that he might fuck it up. “So he’s got a thing going-that he’ll either fuck it up, or the next night he kills it. And so if patterns tell us anything, he’s going to kill it tonight.” Oehlers was not wrong as Kerekes definitely nailed the keys that night.

As they played on, the crowd continuously grew more rowdy and fans started climbing on top of one another to stage dive. At one point a girl got on stage and attempted to sing into the mic, followed by a stage dive, but at the song’s end, Kerekes had to address it saying, “I think that was awesome that that girl came up here and tried to sing, but I had to back away quickly. If someone kisses me up here my girlfriend is gonna be really fucking pissed so I had to back off.”

The Midwest quintet were truly humbled and very happy to be back in Los Angeles which they mentioned has always been well-received with warm welcomes.

Connecticut-based band, Sorority Noise is one of two openers in support of the As Your Please tour. The indie-alternative band also released its third studio album earlier this year, You’re Not As ___ As You Think. The album’s themes range between depression and death of close friends, which appeared to be quite receptive as the crowd yelled and sang along emotionally with vocalist Cameron Boucher. Sorority Noise was a great lead up to Citizen as their energy amplified that of the crowd’s.

Great Grandpa kicked off the evening with some new tunes from their debut album Plastic Cough, which was released just last month. Fronted by singer Alex Menne, the Seattle-based band delves into a genre being termed “anxious bubblegum grunge,” Great Grandpa had no problem perking up the crowd for a rowdy evening.