November 15th, 2017 | Photos

Photos by Joey Tobin

Following the closure of local DIY space VLHS, many shows fit for that environment have since found new homes in venues like The Echo or The Hi Hat. A few VLHS regulars still made it out to The Echo for Slaughter Beach, Dog’s show which included Philly’s Shannen Moser and VLHS alumni Walter Etc. Some of that spirit remained alive in the crowd. Friends were front and center for Walter Etc, going about how they’d act in a more underground setting.

Bookends to the night were Shannen Moser and Slaughter Beach, Dog, both hailing from Philly. This tour marked their first time performing in California within these projects. In between songs, Moser asked for any suggestions on what to do in California, which sadly received no response until she mentioned In-n-Out. This somehow sparked more conversation out of those watching the set.

Slaughter Beach, Dog’s set remained playful and energetic when necessary. Frontman Jake Ewald would end up hopping around the stage and making feedback at his amp before retreating back to his mic and small synth at the edge of the stage. Meanwhile, the rest of the band would exchange smiles with one another. Slaughter Beach, Dog managed to bring a soft pop-rock tone with energetic highlights to The Echo, even covering The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love.”

While DIY spaces continue to close down, groups like Slaughter Beach, Dog, Walter Etc, Shannen Moser, and labels Lame-O and Lauren Records do everything in their power to keep that spirit alive, beyond just a space or title.