November 15th, 2017 | Photos

Photos by Marcos Manrique

Not even the recklessness of one very drunk show goer could have gotten in the way for what was quite the vibrant night spearheaded by the Night Beats.

The show opened with a highly energetic set by The Paranoyds, who recently played Growlers 6 and can usually be found playing a gig somewhere. They brought their own set of diehard fans who very enthusiastically got into their groove.

Meatbodies followed with a fierce and loud set that seemed to get the most energy and response from the crowd. It didn’t take long for everyone to start moshing once the band played material that would surely make any idle person want to start head banging.

With ears delightfully ringing, the Night Beats emerged clad in the finest cow-punk threads and hats to a welcoming us. A few patrons were also adorned in cowboy attire. Barely halfway through their first song, a quite intoxicated guy who apparently thought the Meatbodies were still playing, tried to instigate the crowd to start moshing. The people around him weren’t having it as they were intently listening, but the guy stubbornly insisted and kept pushing people around. Frontman Danny Lee Blackwell was watching and told him more than once to knock it off.

The wanna be mosher didn’t listen and became more and more aggressive with people, to the point of him grabbing onto people and not letting go. At some point, he grabbed a girl by the throat, which prompted shrieks from people around witnessing what was happening. Blackwell had had enough–he threw his guitar down, leaped onto the floor and grabbed the drunk man with a death grip. They both fell back towards the sides along the wall and until he was taken away. Very visibly angered, Blackwell returned back on stage and to a roaring crowd. He calmly put his hat back on and said “If you ever punch a woman, you’ll be dealing with me directly.” Night Beats continued on with their set, even with a guitar that was missing a string. With the adrenaline still going, the energy given off from the band’s music kept the night going strong. Catch Night Beats touring with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club early next year!