September 25th, 2017 | Photos

DSC_4999.INVSN_ Photos by Danny Hernandez

Blasting into the tiny Echo, vocalist Dennis Lyxzen (Refused) and his talented band INVSN delivered all they had and then some. The set at Riot Fest in Chicago was memorable during the day, but put the band in a dark tiny venue at night (albeit a little early) and you get the full effect.

It wouldn’t be a proper gig without Lyxzen mentioning the current state of affairs of our county. He discussed how Americans are making themselves easy to make fun, apologized for the early show because of the venue having a Blink 182 night right after and sincerely thanks fans for attending the show. INVSN played tunes like “Down in the Shadows” from their self-titled album and, of course, some from their latest The Beautiful Stories.


Preceding INVSN was Jennie Vee, who may look very familiar as she’s been a touring member of Eagles of Death Metal and played with Courtney Love. Her songwriting and bass skills are captured on her new EP, Suffer.

Another local band Iress started the show.