July 8th, 2017 | Photos

BeachFossils-19 Photos by Stephanie Port

It has been four long years since Brooklyn natives Beach Fossils released an album. All the built-up verve of fans was finally released as the guys hit the El Rey for the sold out and very first show of the tour for their new LP Somersault.

Appearing delighted to be back in LA, the lo-fi loving quartet treated us to a slew of new songs as well as some interesting covers like Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and Crazy Town’s “Butterfly.” The show felt like a fun family affair, with friends of the band making quick cameos on stage and fans being welcomed up to stage dive and crowd surf to their heart’s delight.

At one point, a fight broke out in the congested pit, prompting lead vocalist Dustin Payseur to stop mid-song and remind us that there was “no aggro shit allowed.” These actions at shows may have prompted their latest tweet. You would think that with chill songs like “Sugar” and “This Year,” fans would be high and easygoing.

LA’s own identical twins Ablebody opened the show, followed by Montreal natives She-Devils, who had us in a trance with their blend of moody beach pop.