May 23rd, 2017 | Photos

DIIV_15 Photos by Eduardo Luis Words by Whitney Levine

DIIV was back in town and warmly welcomed by a crowded room full of cheering fans to hear their dream guitar-driven music. The guys began with an instrumental introduction featuring heavy guitar distortion. The background included a projection of original videos showing the streets of New York and Sky Ferreira, establishing a strong sense of nostalgia and familiarity, as if we were all watching a home movie.

Songs from their debut album Oshin and recent Is the Is Are were played with main man Zachary Cole Smith and his original cohorts Andrew Bailey (guitar) and Devin Ruben Perez (bass) helping to bring the magic that is DIIV, along with members Colin Caulfield (keyboards/guitar) and Ben Newman (drums).

Celebrating his 85th day of sobriety, Smith gave his gratitude to multitudes of people throughout the night. He began playing “Dopamine,” but not before he could disclaim that the song is about drugs.

“If you need help, tell someone.”

In a somewhat unorthodox fashion, DIIV was very communicative with the us, asking for song requests of what to play next. This made for a very personalized concert-going experience, and also showed their flexibility in not going by an organized setlist.

Towards the end of the night, DIIV brought out internet sensation and meme enthusiast, Robbie Blumpkin. Things got fairly wild with the vape and when asked how Blumpkin got here, he responded, “I took the 4-20 East to the 69 South.”

L.A. based garage rockers The Paranoyds exemplified the essence of spunk. The band tore through their set with instrumentals highlighted by a synth to make for their punk, yet wavy sounds. We moved to tunes like “Bear” featuring precise drum fills.

Tashaki Miyaki opened the night with mellow instrumentations and soft vocals with songs from their latest The Dream.