May 18th, 2017 | Photos

Redd Kross @ The Echo, LA - 05/16/2017 Photos by Maximilian Ho

Long running cult band Redd Kross wrapped up their Beneath the Valley of the Teen Babes From Monsanto tour back home at The Echo. Brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald were joined onstage by lead guitarist Jason Shapiro and Dale Crover of the Mevins filling in on drums. The band that inspired so many, especially from the grunge era, played a bit of everything from their lengthy discography. Jeff ditched his guitar for a tambourine for the sassy tune “Annie’s Gone,” Shapiro ripped on guitars especially for “Jimmy’s Fantasy” and Steve kept the rhythm section smashing along with Crover all night long.

Local punk band The Side Eyes dished some brash and lively tunes for the early crowd. Continuing on with family tradition, lead singer Astrid McDonald gave it her all on songs like the perilous “Guy/Chick” and the frenzied “Don’t Talk to Me.”