April 22nd, 2017 | Photos

Pond_The_Echo_Lower_Res_0013 Photos by Joey Tobin

Localchella continued with Pond and Ezra Furman who took hold of The Echo for an intimate sold out show for devoted fans who either just returned from the festival or skipped it entirely just wanting hear good music.

“This is for the queers out there,” Furman soothingly delivered mid-set. “This is protest music.” Furman doesn’t hide who he is onstage or off. Whether in speeches or lyrics, Furman is speaking for everyone who doesn’t have the same platform. The witty singer/songwriter had the venue packed early and will more than likely play a larger venue upon return.

Pond performed with beautiful color projections. Being the most theatrical of the group, Nick Allbrook shouted and danced across the stage, inevitably crawling across the crowd and venue overhangs.