February 24th, 2017 | Photos

sheva-kafai-cloud-nothings-7 Photos by Sheva Kafai Recap by Zach Bilson

Cleveland noiseniks Cloud Nothings came to The Teragram Ballroom in support of their excellent new album Life Without Sound. While it’s the cleanest and least abrasive record they’ve made, singer/songwriter Dylan Baldi & co. still channel their heroes The Wipers for their incendiary live sets. New tracks like “Things Are Right With You” and “Sight Unseen” accelerated to breakneck speeds, octopus-like drummer Jayson Gerycz blasting his kit with a manic intensity usually reserved for caffeinated teens. Speaking of which, the mosh pit was consistent through the night, The Teragram’s all-ages crowd screeching along with Baldi’s anxious mantra-rants. And there were even a few stagedives, primarily during the nightmare krautrock of set closer “Wasted Days.” It was a thrilling showcase of the raw reactions this kind of music can provoke, and a reminder that not many do it as well as Cloud Nothings.

Itasca, the solo project of L.A.’s Kayla Cohen, brought her mellow americana to a welcoming audience. Slide-guitar-happy folk songs with titles like “Daylight Under My Wing” might seem strange on paper next to Cloud Nothings’ raucous jams, but Cohen and her band set a contemplative mood that the already-full room responded well to. It’s pairings like this that get us to think about the common threads between two seemingly uncommon artists, and sometimes send us off with new meanings and associations for both.

No Future / No Past
Sight Unseen
Modern Act
Fall In
Darkened Rings
Enter Entirely
I’m Not Part of Me
Internal World
Strange Year
No Thoughts
Things Are Right With You
Realize My Fate
Psychic Trauma
Wasted Days