Low End Theory has always challenged what we think of as the “L.A. Sound” by consciously mixing in new ingredients, and this past weekend, it did it again with style and grace." /> L.A. Record


July 29th, 2016 | Photos


In a night of heavy hitters, it was Daedelus who put on the most thrilling show of the night. His set was basically a burst of sheer polyrhythmic energy, driving continually to ecstatic heights without pause. Nothing brings an Angeleno more pride than claiming the idiosyncratic Daedelus as their own: He of legendary mutton chops and refined 19th century garb, throwing switches behind the console with Frankenstein-inspired cinematics and a huge grin on his face.


Jonwayne is hilarious. He’s currently coming off a couple years in mysterious, self-imposed retirement, but he was back in form last night: rocking Birkenstocks, gym shorts, and a very comfy-looking cardigan, and getting right back into the smug, sneering myth making that made him such a treasure in the first place. Oh, and dude can rap, blasting through his three ferocious new singles and going hard on everyone from Avril Lavigne to TIDAL to Miss Muffett.

Taylor McFerrin

Taylor McFerrin can beatbox like a machine, in a way that would do his father, Bobby McFerrin, very proud. But the younger McFerrin deserves not to be undersold: His one-man versions of tracks from his debut Early Riser were virtuosic in their own right — especially a burbling, moody live remix of “Decisions” that featured McFerrin live-sampling himself on Fender Rhodes.

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