May 7th, 2013 | Photos

Daniel Maloso at Nuit Noire
Photos and words by Alexandra Brown
Just as Little Cave became La Cuevita and rental prices in Highland Park began to soar, Mount Analog opened up shop, riding the wave of gentrification to create a little beacon of vinyl for the dance and electronic music enthusiast in LA, a city laden with dance beats but lacking a shop dedicated to its records. We’d seen the record store, but our interests were piqued by this other thing behind the Mount Analog name, Nuit Noire, the moniker under which they bring alt electronic acts in to LA, not in the HLP shop.
So last Saturday night, we headed out to the warehouse district in downtown LA for the third installation of Nuit Noire, a night promised to be riddled with some acid inflected dance beats. New York label L.I.E.S. began the night with an eclectic house DJ set from Willie Burns. Label mate Torn Hawk came in next with a shoe-gaze vibe for his guitar enhanced live set, played underneath vintage VHS twerk projections (Hawk is also a video artist – the footage was of his own appropriation), which kept people gazing at the wall as much as their shoes. Chicago’s Hieroglyphic Being enlivened the dance floor with a mind blowing alien-esque acid house live set, getting the people to move, but it was Mexican producer Daniel Maloso that got everyone sweaty with his unique version of disco – both nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. Maloso coaxed all the show goers to dance their hardest with hooks sang like battle cries into the mic. Come 4AM, LA duo Split Secs held down the dance floor for those still looking to groove. It was a special night, showcasing amazing out of town and international artists that aren’t getting brought out by anyone else, proving that Mount Analog is more than a hip new record shop in an up and coming neighborhood