February 1st, 2013 | Photos

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro at Bootleg Theater
Photos and words by Brittany Kalaj Margulieux
“It was Taco Tuesday before this!”
Despite their recent collaborative album being spurred by their respective breakups, Adam Green and Binki Shapiro put on a cheeky dancing show. “We’re actually nervous. This is by far the largest crowd we’ve played to,” Green confessed, and in doing so secured that all the ladies wrapped up their hearts, tied them in a bow, and delivered them to him as soon as he left the stage (as if he didn’t possess them, already). Shapiro is outrageously sexy. She has many talents besides her ability to look pretty, namely musical, but the previous statement deserves to stand on it’s own. Shapiro slinks around on stage with her tambourine or guitar and you find yourself lost in that silvery voice. Their show is put together without an ounce of pretentiousness and the crowd ate it up. Of course, as much as fans seem to love them individually, many of them were asking me if Adam and Binki are in, in fact, in love with each other. Guys, I wish I knew.

La Sera eased attendees into the evening with their peppy tunes and Katy Goodman’s infectious smile.