January 30th, 2013 | Photos

PAPA (Darren Weiss) @ The Bootleg Theater - Jan. 28, 2013
Photos and words by Scott Sheff
Feeling a little under the weather isn’t going to stop singer/drummer Darren Weiss from playing barefoot. PAPA showed a great deal of energy despite being sick all week. With the set comprised mostly of songs from its EP A Good Woman in Hard to Find, the band’s final month-long residency show at the Bootleg Theatre was another packed one.
Brooklyn singer/songwriter Sean Bones and a recently reunited Chief kicked off the night, featuring a collection of songs from their albums Buzzards Boy and Modern Rituals, respectively. Bones’ blend of catchy, yet soothing rock melodies set the tone for the night. Chief picked up where Bones left off, delivering a set of infectious guitar-driven songs, including “Night & Day” and “Nothing’s Wrong.”