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Deke Dickerson @ Guitar Geek Festival #1
Photos and words by Leslie Kalohi
“Where are all the girls at?” joked Del Casher early in the evening. “This is the Guitar Geek Festival,” deadpanned Deke Dickerson. “There aren’t any girls here.”
This wasn’t entirely true. Heck, I was there! The crowd that gathered inside the Anaheim Plaza Hotel encompassed music fans of all ages and genders, present for the love of musical pioneers as well as their modern-day counterparts. There was an undeniable feeling of community and family among everyone in attendance.
The first night of Deke Dickerson’s 10th Annual Guitar Geek Festival covered all bases of musical genres to please fans and aficionados, both young and old. From country to soul to blues to rockabilly to surf, each act throughout Friday showcased intricate playing and craftsmanship, as well as a personal take on said genres. Sadly, this weekend marks the last Guitar Geek Festival in its current form, held every year at the same time as the much bigger NAMM convention.
Choosing childhood heroes, friends, and artists he simply admired, Dickerson’s passion for the guitar and its wide range of potential could easily be seen as he introduced each artist. Often playing alongside each billed musician, Dickerson kept his festival fun and light. Making a rare trek out to close out the festival was one of my all-time favorite bands in college, Man or Astro-man? Creating fast and furious waves of fuzz and reverb, the Atlanta-based group attacked with their trademark “space-age surf rock” sound, all while running about in orange jumpsuits.
Deke Dickerson, Paul Pigat, Jimmy Vivino:

Joel Paterson, Del Casher, Dave Gleason:

Barbara Lynn, Man or Astro-man?

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  • 1 th0mas // Feb 24, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed being part of Deke’s 10th Guitar Geek Festival. We donated several upgraded instruments for raffle and had a lot of free giveaways of our high-performance Pickup Switch Upgrade products. I know there are many winners that are very happy with their giveaway items.

    If you were not there, you missed the greatest show on earth. There were incredibly talented people taking the stage and amazing even us jaded pickers with jaw-dropping performances. My humble thanks to every performer for giving us those awesome guitar playing “goosebumps”.

    I’m looking forward to the DVD when it comes out. If you missed being there, this DVD will be the next best thing. Shame on you for not getting it when it comes out!

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