October 17th, 2011 | Photos
Thankfully, Aussies’ Cut Copy came to LA’s rescue for a much needed escape from reality with tunes from their latest Zonoscope. It was all about dancing, sweating and some smelling a bit way too funky at the sold out show at The Palladium.  Washed Out held their own with sounds from Within and Without. Midnight Magic also opened with a sweet brass section. Photos from Cut Copy on October 12 by Debi Del Grande.


“Take Me Over”
“Feel The Love”
“Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat”
“So Haunted”
“Corner of the Sky”
“Lights and Music”
“Blink and You’ll Miss A Revolution”
“Pharaohs & Pyramids”
“Hearts On Fire”
“Sun God”
“Where I’m Going”
“Need You Now”
“Out There On The Ice”