The Gories @ The Echo

September 15th, 2010 | Photos

photography by Rachel Carr

The reformed Gories drew an interesting crowd to The Echo—pre show, the O.G. fans were swapping anecdotes about all the cute youngsters they’d met at the bar, who were so fresh faced they couldn’t possibly have been around back in the days before the acrimonious break up in 1992. Once the took the stage, though, actual scuffles broke out between those who wanted to dance like lunatics and the few who were intent on standing stock still at the front. On the whole, good naturedness prevailed, both on and off stage; frontmen Mick Collins and Dan Kroha seemed to be having almost as good a time as the audience, joking around between songs (drummer Peggy O’Neill remained unbreakably stone-faced behind her sunglasses.)