L.A. Approved @ LAX

July 29th, 2010 | Photos

photography by Melissa Moore

In celebration of our 100th issue, we’ve been hosting a series of free concerts and events around town, including this past Sunday’s LA Approved. Partnering with the cool folks at Origami Vinyl, a variety of bands took over Bar Melody by LAX. With tunes from Monstro, Future Ghost, Kissing Cousins, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Foot Village, The Pity Party, Signals, and Dunes, Free Colt 45 (and accompanying koozie), and a pop up shop from Vacation Vinyl, the all-ages crowd of mostly friends and band members stayed hydrated and happy. Bonus points for low-flying planes as backdrop – their roar on entry not 100 feet above became an extra band member, to sometimes amazing results.